Modern bathroom designs provide a relaxing experience.

 A contemporary bathroom is a style that many homeowners adhere to faithfully these days. After all, it's a feature of their lovely property, so why leave it alone? It's also more difficult to design and decorate because it's smaller than other rooms in the house. Another reason is that bathroom fixtures such as a toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, and faucets are required, thus there aren't many ornamental items that may be added. But what if these essential accoutrements are also creative, trendy, contemporary, and even high-tech?

Colston's FLC (Flagship Live Center) is one such store where you can get the greatest designer, trendy, modern, high-tech bathroom items. Colston is noted for its unique designs and long-lasting products. Colston's FLC gives a detailed insight into the company's wellness concept as well as product specifics right in front of you by showcasing these high-end items. You are free to inspect and operate each product as much as you like and as many times as you like. The lovely surroundings of Colston FLC provide a variety of divisions. These sections are separated to suit different product types. Colston Elementary Gallery Art & designing Bathroom .

Rain forest zone

Rain forest zone is a lovely part dedicated to high-quality, high-tech rain showers. Rain showers not only discharge water in the shape of rain, but can include features such as mist, waterfall, chromotherapy, Bluetooth, and entertainment.

Rose Gold Lounge

All bathroom goods that are rose gold in colour or tint are housed in the Rose Gold Lounge. Colston has a characteristic tint of rose gold. This colour is seen in a variety of goods, including faucets, washbasins, and even WCs.

Gold longue

The diverse aesthetic qualities of gold create nobility in its brilliance in products with high quality specific gold surfaces. Colston's Gold Lounge faucets, WCs, and other goods have a particular appearance and feel to them.

Showcase Section 

Miscellaneous bathroom items and accessories, such as faucets, showerheads, washbasins, diverters, mixers, and other bathroom fittings, are displayed in the Showcase area. It is the department of Colston FLC that offers the biggest diversity of items in a variety of pricing ranges.

Design Lounge

The design lounge at FLC houses Colston's most original, designer, fashionable, and amazing designs. When the company's creativity and technology are united, they produce unrivalled beauty.

FLC Café Lounge

Café lounges are a great location to unwind, rehydrate, dine, or simply catch up with customers. As the name implies, this part has a kitchen with a chef who can prepare a variety of cuisines. Customers may unwind here after a trip through the FLC or if they are simply trying to pick which thing to take home.

The Colston Flagship Live Center is in Lajpat Nagar, the heart of India's capital, New Delhi. Colston's innovation and technical growth in the bathing solutions sector may be seen here by our channel partners, architects, designers, and clients. A well-designed and well-presented place where you may sample premium bathing products while being treated with unparalleled hospitality and witnessing fascinating demonstrations.

Colston is committed to creating cutting-edge bathing solutions, with the objective of becoming a market leader in luxury and designer bathing products.

With live demonstrations and interactive briefings from Colston's expert consultants, the FLC provides the full spectrum of bathing options.